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Welcome to “Review Section”!!

This section provide a platform for users to share their insight and experience on any hardware and software (ROMs & apps).
Every users are welcome to share their review and communicate with each other. We encourage everyone to share based on their feeling toward any products, insightful review on the products, and your recommendation on it.

High Quality content + high quality pictures = Excellent Thread            Set as excellent thread, 100 points
High Quality Content + average quality pictures = Superb Thread        60 points
Average quality Content + High Quality Pictures = Nice Thread          30 Points

Detail on how to write an excellent review thread        

Example of an excellent thread:        
If articles are copied from other authors please state the original resources of that article and give credit to them.
We encourage every user to post excellent threads so your article can be notice and share by a lot of users. In the same time you can also be proud of your articles.
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