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Rules and Regulations in Oppo forum

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Rules and Regulation in Oppo forum


The terms and regulations are established to standardize the behavior of members of the forum, to protect the rights of the members, to provide a fun environment in the forum and also to give the best service to the members of the forum.
All the members of the forum will have to follow the terms and regulation stated. The moderators in the forum can add any rules when writing a forum thread ineach topic as long as the rules stated do not conflict with the general rules of the forum. However, the official ColorOS teams are entitled to the final decision of the rules of the forum.
The moderators could be anyone who is interested in Oppo and also the member of official ColorOs team.

User ID
Users have the rights to post, upload images, or to change status. Users are not permitted to have an inappropriate username. If so, the username will be deleted. Examples of inappropriate usernames are as follows:
a)     Username which is politically sensitive such as related to race, sex and religion.
b)     Username which is similar with the team’sofficial ColorOS, because it will cause confusion of the members.
c)      Username that contain personal issues or against the terms and regulations.
d)     Username which is seen as inappropriate by the administrator.

Avatar photos and images upload
The use of avatar photos or any images upload in the forum such as porn images orany other images related to it are absolutely prohibited. If any user is seen using the avatar, the user will be given a warning. The image will be removed immediately by the administrator.  

Reply post
Users are prohibited to make a comment such as below. All inappropriate comments will be blocked and the user will become black list for 7 days or even more. The user can also be removed by administrator. For those who want to share good information, tips or any information related to Oppo devices, DO NOT USE THE LINK OR SIMILAR WITH or related to it. If document shared is from the link above, the official ColorOS team reserves the right to change or to remove the document without notice to permit making it.  Examples of the prohibited comments are as follows:
a)     Comments containing sensitive words that related to race, sex and religion.
b)     Comments implying personal attacks.
c)     Comments that contains uncontrolled emotions.
d)     Comments that violates the terms and regulations.
e)     Comments that are seen as inappropriate by the official ColorOS team.

Users are not allowed to publish repetitive posts which are similar or that do not have sense that contains only number like 123456.
Users are also not allowed to provoke any other users in the forum.

It is prohibited for user to post copyright contents of the other users. Any paid software, multimedia or any application cannot be sold freely by uploading it in the forum.  

Advertising, spamming and trolling
Any advertising, spamming and trolling will not be accepted in any of the forum.  This includes avatars, user ID, signatures, forum posts and personal messages. The administrator is entitled to remove the post without notice to permit making it.

Rewards and punishments
The moderators will have a high degree of freedom and can manage their own content freely in their own section. If the users are not satisfied with the method used by the moderator in handling their sections, the users have the right to complaint it to the administrator.  Once it is have been verified, the administrator will dismiss the moderator.
If the user’s complaint is considered a hostile attack, the user will then be punished. The users are advice to use their right with cautious. Users are expected to be able to help and assist any decision or action by the moderator.

LAST UPDATE: 27 NOVEMBER 2014.              

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